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Investors | Rerum Novarum

You as an investor rely on research to determine potential outcomes for an investment opportunity. Rerum Novarum does the work for you. Whether you’re looking for a consistent income investment or an exit opportunity from a large growth investment, Rerum Novarum offers you the opportunity to back selectively screened innovative technology.

We routinely review our clients’ most promising intellectual property to identify three types of innovation: those that fill an existing need, those that are the next step in technological evolution, and those that revolutionize. Rerum Novarum takes these patented, locally successful technologies and commercializes them for a global audience.


We have two options for investment: growth investments and income investments. You can choose to invest in Rerum Novarum directly, offering dividends and recurring income, or you can choose to invest in our fund, which provides ownership and a return on investment when client-side licensing, royalties, mergers or acquisitions occur.


We’re no stranger to facilitating innovation: Rerum Novarum’s CEO Lawrence Agulnick has extensive understanding of the intricacies involved in working with multiple global universities’ tech transfer offices. He previously managed operations as COO of the world’s oldest and largest urban research park, the University City Science Center, co-owned by 32 universities, and launch site of over 350 tech & biotech companies. We have an experienced team of business executives, scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs with years of practical experience and deep industry knowledge that will ensure the selection of only the best technologies to bring to the global market and protect your investment.


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