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Research Institutions, Universities and Companies | Rerum Novarum
Companies & Institutions

Your university or company has novel technologies that satisfy/evolve, revolutionize, or even create a market need. Rerum Novarum can guide you to successful technology transfers. Rerum Novarum has worked with the likes of Optel, Arithmos, and Cros Nt technologies to take their local success to an international level.


Rerum Novarum selects and hones the most viable intellectual property within your portfolio by surrounding your institution’s innovative tech with the guidance of the world’s leading experts in science and business to identify real world applications. We present your IPs internationally, increasing global accessibility to your institution or university’s technology transfer office; furthermore, we facilitate interactions with a broader spectrum of investors and partners that may seek joint ventures, licensing, or the acquisition of your IP.

Tech transfer

We’re no stranger to facilitating innovation: Rerum Novarum’s CEO Lawrence Agulnick has extensive understanding of the intricacies involved in working with technology transfer offices. He was the former COO of the world’s largest urban research park, the University City Science Center. The Center is co-owned by 32 universities, and is the launch site of over 350 tech & biotech companies. Our experienced team of business executives, scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs with years of practical experience and deep industry knowledge will guide your IP to successful global tech transfer.


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